3 Simple Cs of Content Creation for Your Blog

The 3 Simple C’s of Content Creation for Your Blog

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When approaching the task of “content creation” for your business, it is important to keep a few things in mind. In fact, there’s one fundamental principle to keep at the forefront when approaching any creative endeavor for that matter. Henry Ford sums it up nicely: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” Conquering Can’t Do you believe you …

Why Mobile Matters for Small Business Marketing [Infographic]

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For the last 2 years or so, we’ve been pounding the drum to anyone who will listen—which mainly means small businesses we train, our clients, and audiences I speak to—that you must be ready for mobile visitors. How can your small business website be ready for mobile visitors? Two words: responsive design. Your website should be responsive. What Is Responsive Design? Very …

Free Stuff on National Coffee Day!

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Today is National Coffee Day. I still haven’t figured out whose idea that was, but hey… I’m all for celebrating! Especially the beverage that I spend so much of my time with, and even attribute some of my business success to! Why do I attribute some of my business success to it, you ask? Well… aside from keeping me awake so …

Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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Last week we talked about someone who got ripped off by an SEO provider. And while not all SEO companies are as unscrupulous as the offender we mentioned, typically SEO isn’t the first place to start when trying to improve your marketing results. In fact… there’s a long list of places not to start: Facebook Twitter YouTube Email Yellow Pages …

Suckered by an SEO Company

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Just last week, I was on the phone with Amanda (not her real name). Amanda is a healthcare provider in private practice, serving a local market. A few months ago, she got herself into a contract with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company (which will remain nameless, although it’s tempting). Thankfully, her contract is almost up. In the meantime, though, …

3 Small Business Marketing Ideas for the Summer

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Ah summertime… the dog days of summer… sweating under the sun with the smell of coconut and salt water wafting by…

Wait a minute!

If you’re in business, then those may not be relaxing thoughts at all! It’s time to do something about growing your business!

Unless you’re in a tourist industry (in which case you need marketing ideas fast) or other seasonal business, summertime may be a slower time of year. Customers, clients and prospects are more inclined to be on vacation, and that can make it harder to get results with your marketing.

So how can you use the slower season to your advantage? Here are several ways you can use right away!

Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

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Getting fans and followers is awfully trendy right now. But if you’re like many small business people, you’re probably saying, “Yeah… but does it increase sales?”

Our clients and trainees have known for some time that it’s possible to grow your business with social media because, when approached strategically, it comes in line with one of our cardinal principles in modern-day marketing:

“He or she who engages, wins.”

How To Drive Off Your Customers

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Too busy at work?  More than enough revenue?  Here are some ways you can keep those pesky customers and prospects away… #1: Make Sure Your Marketing is All About You After all… people who want to spend money with you want to understand how your products & services benefit them, so if you focus on you, your company’s history, your …

Easy Listening

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Yesterday, we talked about focusing on your customers. I’ll be the first to admit that without intentional effort, it’s easy to begin to drift away from listening closely to them. But in business, this can be a costly mistake – even when times are good and business is strong. In those times, missing out on subtle cues from your customers …

Who Are You Focused On?

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Yesterday, we talked about listening to your customers to pay attention to the “why” behind their purchases. Today, we’re focusing more on the “who.” It probably goes without saying that another critical component in getting to know your customers and clients is that you gather as much demographic and psychographic information about them as possible. If you’re a larger company …