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iTunes Doesn’t Support Let’s Encrypt Certificates

David G. Johnson Rants, Small Business Marketing 5 Comments

Update (March 19, 2017): iTunes has quietly added Let’s Encrypt to their list of officially supported SSL certificate providers. We’re going to test this out to confirm that it is indeed working. We’ll update this once we’ve confirmed it! Recently, we learned a painful lesson about using SSL Certificates on a website that hosts a podcast. Our website serves not only …

How SEO Hasn’t Changed [Infographic]

David G. Johnson Get Strategic, Rants, Small Business Marketing, Social Media 1 Comment

From the very moment we began providing training to business owners and marketing executives to help them understand how search engines work, we have preached a very simple message: Create content that delivers value to people in your target market. And do it often. I’m constantly amused by the SEO (search engine optimization) industry—when not infuriated by stories of ripoffs, …

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How to Handle Negative Reviews and Feedback

David G. Johnson Rants, Small Business Marketing 1 Comment

Recently, I was talking with a client who was reluctant to set up a profile on Google Places for his business. “What if people leave negative reviews?,” he asked. “You can’t do anything about it, can you?” A valid point. Unlike a WordPress blog or even a Facebook page, profiles in Google Places (and many other business listings locations around …

We Goofed! (Warning! Don’t Let Your Marketing Go Wrong)

David G. Johnson Rants, Small Business Marketing 2 Comments

Today I had to eat some crow. And I know you’ve been there too, so you know it just isn’t any fun. But I had to apologize today to thousands of people for completely dropping the ball. In hindsight, it all seems very simple. People we’ve met through webinars we’ve done, relationships we’ve built, perhaps even those who have visited …