Convincing Happy Customers to Rate & Review

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It’s a brand new world out there. It used to be enough to provide a good product or service to your community. Then word of mouth was bolstered by well written and placed advertisements that heralded the benefits of your product and service, along with an endorsement from the Better Business Bureau. The next step was, sadly, misleading ads and …

The Wild West Market Redefines Twitter Likes

The Wild West Market Redefines Twitter Likes

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Trigger Warning! This post officially flips the Twitter terminology from “favorite” to “like.” If this might cause you emotional turmoil, you may want to proceed with care. Twitter has changed its Favorite button to a Like button. But long before it did that, users made their own changes to the Like/Favorite button, changing the Twitter response landscape dramatically. The change …

[VIDEO] How to Create Graphics for Social Media Using Free Tools

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Would you like to have branded graphics for your Facebook page, blog site, Pinterest account or other social media? Have you ever wondered how to get fantastic visuals without hiring a designer? Don’t have Photoshop or other high-end tools? In this training, originally made available exclusively to our members and alumni, we show you how to get great-looking graphics without …

Ways to Finish The Year Strong in Your Business

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As 2014 winds up, how can you be sure you’re doing what you can with your marketing to make sure you finish the year strong and set yourself up for great success in 2014? Here are 3 practical ways to keep your content marketing working for you! Make sure you subscribe on YouTube or here (via email) to get the …

[Video] Facebook: Posting as Your Page vs. Posting as Yourself

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Does your Facebook page have that one team member who’s always clicking the “Like” button on your posts… and it looks like the “Page” liked the content instead of the person? Are you mystified by the latest Facebook change that controls who will be posting — you or your page? In addition to the written guide we prepared not long ago, we had …

[Video] How to Schedule Posts on Your Facebook Page

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It’s not unusual for Facebook to “move my furniture” once in a while. That happened recently with the “Schedule” button that used to appear with a little clock icon like this:  Facebook is rolling out a change that eliminates the little clock in favor of a drop-down on the blue “Post” button. From that drop-down menu, you can now schedule …

Is It a Good Idea to Use a Facebook Contest to Grow Likes on Your Page?

Why Running a Contest to Grow Likes on Facebook Could Backfire

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First of all: kudos to you for even thinking about doing this. The way I look at it, this means that you’re exploring your options to improve your visibility on Facebook, which is a very good idea. Using a contest, giveaway or other mechanism that encourages people to like your Facebook page in exchange for something has a lot of appeal. It leverages …

How to Edit Facebook Image Description Text: Part 2

How to Edit the Text on a Facebook Image Post

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We’ve all done it. You find (or create) the perfect image… you upload it to Facebook… you write the perfect text to go along with it… and boom!, you publish it on your page. Sometimes it’s instant. Sometimes it’s hours later. But somewhere along the line, you spot the typo. Or you realize you forgot the link you intended to add. But it’s …

Syncapse: Value of a Facebook Fan 2013

How Much is a Facebook “Like” Worth to Your Business?

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There’s an enormous caveat to what I’m about to tell you. In the work we’re doing with clients for whom we manage social media, as well as in the training we do for business owners and their teams to manage their own social media, there’s one fact that we emphasize constantly: In social media, the level of engagement is far …

How SEO Hasn’t Changed [Infographic]

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From the very moment we began providing training to business owners and marketing executives to help them understand how search engines work, we have preached a very simple message: Create content that delivers value to people in your target market. And do it often. I’m constantly amused by the SEO (search engine optimization) industry—when not infuriated by stories of ripoffs, …