Convert Your Site from HTTP to HTTPS / Secure - Secure Label from Google Chrome

How to Convert Your Website to Secure / HTTPS

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It’s time to “go secure.” That’s right, it’s 2017 and it’s time to convert your website over from HTTP to HTTPS. In fact, it’s been a good idea for a while now… especially since Google announced that it would begin to use HTTPS as a ranking signal back in 2014, which meant that sites using HTTPS connections for their visitors would begin …

The Wild West Market Redefines Twitter Likes

The Wild West Market Redefines Twitter Likes

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Trigger Warning! This post officially flips the Twitter terminology from “favorite” to “like.” If this might cause you emotional turmoil, you may want to proceed with care. Twitter has changed its Favorite button to a Like button. But long before it did that, users made their own changes to the Like/Favorite button, changing the Twitter response landscape dramatically. The change …

Apple (and other) Ad Blockers Can Be Bypassed

Apple (and all other) Ad Blockers Can Be Bypassed

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The brouhaha over Apple extending the battle against an overwhelming wave of annoying digital ads points back to something that never seems to change — regardless of how much technology changes. Content is King. Sure, old news is no news. But when some say the sky is falling, it’s not bad to point out that Henny Penny was wrong. Chicken Little …

The Growth Show Renamed Grow The Dream Show

Announcing the Grow the Dream Show!

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We are thrilled to officially announce that The Growth Show podcast has been renamed Grow the Dream Show. We are keeping the same on-air team, same insights, same goals for listeners to grow their companies, but with a new identity. We are proud of what we did with The Growth Show podcast, and the listener response, but we chose to …

Facebooking at Work?

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You or your company have probably already grappled with the question at some level or another:

Should employees be permitted to use Facebook or Twitter on the job?

The typical reaction from owners & managers is some flavor of: “What a waste of time!” And while I’m the first one to agree that there are zillions of ways to waste time online, here are some factors worth considering.

Beat the Recession: Communicate Valuably!

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As salespeople and business owners, we’ve often been trained to communicate value. After all, if we don’t connect what we sell, produce and provide with the needs of our prospects and customers and do it in a way that helps them understand the return they should expect on their investment, we’re sunk! But in times like these, it’s more important …

It’s the Economy, Stupid!

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(With apologies for the insulting quote in the title of today’s post… and also for bringing up memories of an election year gone by…) What do we do in a down economy? It happens.  Sometimes your business is affected by an economic downturn.  Whether you’ve got a local business like the ones that serve our local Sarasota community — an …