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We are thrilled to officially announce that The Growth Show podcast has been renamed Grow the Dream Show. We are keeping the same on-air team, same insights, same goals for listeners to grow their companies, but with a new identity.

We are proud of what we did with The Growth Show podcast, and the listener response, but we chose to create a mutually beneficial agreement to allow a well-respected NYSE-traded corporation to use the identity.

So now the excitement begins anew with the launch of the Grow the Dream Show, where co-hosts David G. Johnson, Rod Thomson and Josh Muccio discuss the most effective ways to grow your business, getting more of the customers and clients you need.

We three bring a unique blend of talents and experiences to give listeners well-rounded, time-tested advice on ways to effectively market their business. The new name, Grow the Dream Show, is more reflective of the broader approach we take.

Fueling Entrepreneurial Dreams

Every business owner has a lot of dreams wrapped up in their business. They are passionate and want to see it succeed. This is true whether the business is a startup, a two-person company or has hundreds of employees. All of these need sound advice from pros that bring experience in marketing, in marketing technology and in marketing communications.

In a hyper-competitive economic environment, no business can afford to neglect a thorough marketing plan. That is the path to a dying dream.

Every week, we offer businesses solid insights on what they can do almost immediately to improve their marketing. And we do it all in language that every business owner can grasp.

Plus, we have a lot of fun and you will, too!

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