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Today it was absolutely my honor and delight to participate in an amazing fundraiser for a great cause: the Make A Wish Foundation.

The fundraiser was put together by some of the world’s top internet marketers in connection with the recent World Internet Summit in London. Debra Thompson Roedl and the team from Wealth International Networking Group assembled a “dream team” of top marketers to provide “secret recipes” to great results on a masterminding session.  By last count, the event had raised over $10,000.00 for the Make A Wish Foundation, which is significant given that a substantial majority of contributions were $10.

We shared some “secret recipe” ingredients from our recent Results Now Marketing event, and were honored to participate alongside top marketers from — quite literally — all over the world.

Thanks to Debra Thompson Roedl, Robin Thompson, Randy Roedl, Matt Bacak, Tom Hua, Brett McFall, Patrick Spielmann, Jenni Snook, Carol Akright, Armand Morin, and Ray Edwards for making this such a memorable event!

By the way, to gain access to some great materials and be notified about the recording from the mastermind session, head on over to the Wealth International Networking Group site and make a contribution. You’ll do something good and benefit your business at the same time!