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Whoops... I Goofed.

Whoops... I Goofed.

Today I had to eat some crow.

And I know you’ve been there too, so you know it just isn’t any fun. But I had to apologize today to thousands of people for completely dropping the ball.

In hindsight, it all seems very simple. People we’ve met through webinars we’ve done, relationships we’ve built, perhaps even those who have visited this very blog… they were all supposed to be getting our content via e-mail.

As it turns out, it simply wasn’t happening. We were building huge databases of people who should’ve been hearing from us… and they were getting absolutely nothing.

As you might imagine, it’s embarrassing for this to happen to someone whose business is built around helping other people develop communication strategies.

“Deliver value! Consistently! Develop a plan to stay in touch, and implement it!”

And while we certainly have been doing that… there were huge gaps in our business where it just wasn’t happening.

So… today, I have owned up to it, taken responsibility, and apologized. And we’re fixing the business processes that weren’t working properly so that it won’t happen again.

Perhaps you got an e-mail from me. If so, thanks for visiting here. I’m looking forward to having you join us for that exclusive webinar I told you about. If you feel the need to tell me how terrible it is that we goofed up, please leave a comment. I don’t delete even the negative ones (unless you’re just a spammer). Of course, all responses are welcomed.

If you’re here and you aren’t receiving e-mails from me… well, then I encourage you to sign up today. Not only will you receive valuable information on how to grow your business in this (or any!) economy, but I’ll also make sure you’re invited to our next private webinar.