Don't Be An Egg

Don’t Be An Egg

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Have you wondered why people aren’t choosing to follow your social media profile(s)? Maybe your Facebook Page isn’t getting “likes” as frequently as you’d hoped, or maybe other Twitter users or Instagrammers aren’t following your business account back? It just might be because you’re an egg. What do you mean, I’m an egg? First, some quick background. It was about …

The Wild West Market Redefines Twitter Likes

The Wild West Market Redefines Twitter Likes

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Trigger Warning! This post officially flips the Twitter terminology from “favorite” to “like.” If this might cause you emotional turmoil, you may want to proceed with care. Twitter has changed its Favorite button to a Like button. But long before it did that, users made their own changes to the Like/Favorite button, changing the Twitter response landscape dramatically. The change …

Guerrilla Marketing through Slideshare

Guerilla Marketing Through Slideshare

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So you want to build a mailing list and one of the avenues you plan to use is Slideshare. But from previous experience, you know that most Slideshare productions gain the equivalent traction of ice on ice. That would be, none. But there is a sweet little method that can pop your creation onto Slideshare’s radar that the Grow the …

Unicorns Keep Crap Off the Wall: Larry Kim on the Grow The Dream Show

Unicorns Keep Crap Off the Wall

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Every digital marketer, political consultant, entrepreneur and would-be influencer on the planet is after the Holy Grail of social media. No, not what makes a post viral. What works. What really, really works. Larry Kim, the Grand Poobah of targeted digital advertising, knows what works and how anyone can figure out how to maximize even modest marketing budgets and keep …

Why Doesnt Anyone See My Facebook Posts?

Why Doesn’t Anyone See My Facebook Posts?

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You’ve got your Business Facebook Page set up. You’ve put the effort into getting it all decked out with a nice profile pic and a timeline cover. You’ve even built up some followers (Hallelujah!). Now it’s time for the post. You set aside a few minutes, crank out a nice little status update, maybe even upload a picture to go …

FedEx Guy Throwing Computer Monitor

How to Handle Negative Reviews and Feedback

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Recently, I was talking with a client who was reluctant to set up a profile on Google Places for his business. “What if people leave negative reviews?,” he asked. “You can’t do anything about it, can you?” A valid point. Unlike a WordPress blog or even a Facebook page, profiles in Google Places (and many other business listings locations around …

Promoting Your Brick & Mortar Business Online

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According to Google: 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. If you don’t have a solid plan for creating visibility for your business, those people looking for your products and services will find someone else instead of you. So what can you do that doesn’t cost a fortune? Many businesses that we work with are surprised to find out …

Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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Last week we talked about someone who got ripped off by an SEO provider. And while not all SEO companies are as unscrupulous as the offender we mentioned, typically SEO isn’t the first place to start when trying to improve your marketing results. In fact… there’s a long list of places not to start: Facebook Twitter YouTube Email Yellow Pages …

Top Marketing Trends for 2011

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Today we’re beginning a series on the stuff you need to be paying attention to as we head into 2011.

“What?! We’re in the middle of the holiday season… Christmas is still weeks away!”

Yeah… I know. And you’re probably not quite too late to begin thinking about what your 2011 strategy looks like, but you can’t afford to wait any further.

Begin at the Very Beginning

How To Grow Your Business Now

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One of the most common questions I get asked when speaking to audiences of small business owners and salespeople who earn commissions is:

What can I do that will rapidly produce results for my business?

Now, I’ll be honest with you: I’m not usually a “quick fix” guy. I believe in strategy… and particularly, in consistently executing strategy over time to get results.

But sometimes, a business or salesperson finds itself needing new prospects or customers quickly. Yes… a well-formed, consistent strategy is great, but sometimes you need sales quickly so you can make it long enough to create and implement a longer-term strategy.