Free Stuff on National Coffee Day!

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Today is National Coffee Day. I still haven’t figured out whose idea that was, but hey… I’m all for celebrating! Especially the beverage that I spend so much of my time with, and even attribute some of my business success to! Why do I attribute some of my business success to it, you ask? Well… aside from keeping me awake so …

3 Small Business Marketing Ideas for the Summer

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Ah summertime… the dog days of summer… sweating under the sun with the smell of coconut and salt water wafting by…

Wait a minute!

If you’re in business, then those may not be relaxing thoughts at all! It’s time to do something about growing your business!

Unless you’re in a tourist industry (in which case you need marketing ideas fast) or other seasonal business, summertime may be a slower time of year. Customers, clients and prospects are more inclined to be on vacation, and that can make it harder to get results with your marketing.

So how can you use the slower season to your advantage? Here are several ways you can use right away!

Beat the Recession: Communicate Valuably!

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As salespeople and business owners, we’ve often been trained to communicate value. After all, if we don’t connect what we sell, produce and provide with the needs of our prospects and customers and do it in a way that helps them understand the return they should expect on their investment, we’re sunk! But in times like these, it’s more important …

Beat The Recession: Reward Loyal Customers

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Today I walked into a local Starbucks and was greeted by a prominently-placed offer for the new Starbucks Gold card. You probably know by now that I’m a Starbucks regular. But I’ll admit, I’ve spent a lot less time (and yes, money) in Starbucks locations in recent history. A quick scan of my unread e-mail shows that they sent me …

Part 2: Fuzzy Marketing

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In Part 1, we talked about getting clear on your identity. Knowing who you are is absolutely fundamental to marketing – no matter what business you’re in. So… what business are you really in? The Starbucks example is a fun one. They definitely sell coffee. They make a variety of beverages. Legal addictive stimulants are in virtually every beverage they …

Part 1: What Are You Really Selling?

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In my work with clients over the years, one thing I’ve observed is that most marketing mistakes made by businesses both small and large come from a fundamentally poor understanding of the real identity of the business. If you don’t know who you are, how can you properly introduce yourself to your future customers? In truth, how can you have …