How FB Audience Insights Can Help You

How Facebook Audience Insights Can Help Build Your Business

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In the ‘halcyon days’ of Internet small business marketing – 2005 – (The)Facebook was still only an education networking site, YouTube was still in transition from a failed dating site to the video juggernaut it would  become, and we were telling our clients that you needed to create a profile of your ideal customer. Learn as much about them as …

Six Steps for Building the Best Lead Magnet

Creating a Killer Lead Magnet: 6-Step Checklist

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A few weeks ago, we published a detailed and informative post on what Lead Magnets are and how to use them to attract, locate and hold on to prospective buyers so that when they’re ready, they become customers or even evangelists for your product or service. If you haven’t read that, even if you think you’ve already got Lead Magnets …

What To Do When Facebook Rejects Your Ad

Why Facebook Rejected Your Ad… and What to Do About It

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If you watched The Social Network, the movie about the founding of Facebook, you may remember that they were adamantly against posting advertising on the platform, along with Google and a few other of the sites that launched Internet 2.0. It’s one of the indisputable facts that the film didn’t need to fictionalize. Of course, almost all of them have …