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Growing a small business can be a wild mix of challenges.

Your website’s contact form is — if it’s anything like mine — constantly bombarded with SPAM from SEO companies (“We noticed your website doesn’t rank very well in search engines,” or “We can get you to the top of Google.”).

Obviously, today there’s Facebook, Twitter… and now Foursquare. We’ve had e-mail for decades now, but it seems that many small businesses still haven’t figured out how to use it effectively for marketing purposes.

It can be downright overwhelming.

And if you’ve even got a small perfectionist streak (full disclosure: I’ve got a big perfectionist streak), you hesitate to step out because you’re convinced that you’re not doing it correctly.

But… I’m reminded today of the words of one of my favorite mentors, “It doesn’t have to be perfect… it just has to be!”

Get started. If you’re already moving… keep going. As Seth Godin recently pointed out, doing marketing is a powerful way to learn it.

And if you find yourself needing guidance, then get some! But by all means… get started! Today!