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Here’s #5 of 5 Ways to Increase Your Response just by changing the words you use!

5. Make ‘Em an Offer They Can’t Refuse

In the spirit of Don Corleone (and with your best hoarse Godfather voice) think about what motivates — no, drives — them… then give ’em something to do.

Discounts are good, but remember #4 (you gotta pass the “So What!” test). In this economic climate, your discount offer may be a bit more interesting than usual, but even then… really don’t be boring. Irresistibility counts.

Free information is good, as long as it helps them solve their biggest problems. A free trial, free sample, money-back guarantee, free report, “hidden secret,” or something else useful and interesting is key here.

Regardless of the substance of your offer, don’t make the mistake of skipping your close. You know what I’m talking about… you’ve either done it or seen it. A salesperson has a great presentation, then wimps out and doesn’t ask for the business.

In your marketing, your clear call to action needs to be (or seem) irresistible to the right person. It’s your job to know who they are and what they want (notice, I didn’t say, “what they need!”). But when you know it, think up a way to craft an offer that they simply must respond to.

For many small businesses, this means getting creative. Regardless of whether you can or should offer a discount, you can create something useful for them.

One of the more memorable examples of all time was the “Secret of the Golden Box” campaign used by Columbia Record Club when they were testing out television. The campaign was created by legendary direct marketer Lester Wunderman. He knew that just “creating awareness” or “improving brand recognition” wouldn’t maximize the return on investment for the expensive medium of television. So… he told the viewers (usually late at night when the ads were cheaper and the right audience was watching) that Columbia Record Club would send them any album of their choice from the Columbia catalog if they could find the “gold box” on the ad in Parade or TV Guide.

Who was Columbia looking for? Music addicts. What would be irresistible to a music addict? A free hit, of course.

You too can craft irresistible offers tailor-made for your ideal customers. Is it easy? No. If it were easy you would’ve done it by now. Your competition would have done it, too.

But it’s highly effective.

Now go get busy.