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Here’s the 2nd of 5 Ways to Increase Your Response just by changing the words you use!

2. Make a Bold Promise

Make a Bold Promise! (Perhaps Not This Exact One...)Ultimately, marketing is about promising something to your future customer (or your existing customer… if you’re working toward repeat business). What you promise and how you fulfill it is completely up to you, but nevertheless, you’re making a promise.

So… since you’re already making them a promise, why not make it boldly?

Why not grab their attention and shake ’em up a little? (or a lot?!)

Be daring. Get creative. Let them know you are different from the competition.

Recently, I asked a member of our training program to read me the headline from his brochure. This brochure is the primary piece of advertising he uses. He sends it out via direct mail and gets it into the hands of prospects or “suspects” as often as possible. He and I were on the phone during one of our training sessions and so I said to him,

“Eddie, read me the biggest boldest thing on the front of your brochure.”

Can you guess what was there? It was the name of his company. Right up at the top.


That’s what readers do when they see it…

When you spend that valuable piece of real estate on the name of your business, it communicates 2 things to the reader:

  1. You’re only interested in yourself
  2. You’re boring

Never, ever, make your name, your logo and/or your photograph the first, most prominent thing the prospect sees. The only possible exception to this is if you already have enormous name recognition as an expert with the audience in question. And let’s be real about this. If you already had that kind of name recognition, would you be publishing said marketing piece? (The answer is… it depends. But chances are, you’re not Zig Ziglar, or President Barack Obama, or Gandhi. So don’t do it.)

By changing what he does with that valuable piece of print “real estate,” Eddie could multiply his results. What about you?

We’ve already talked about the importance of using a headline, since it serves to catch the reader’s attention. Making a bold promise is a great way to not only capture their attention, but get them thinking about doing business with you right away!

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And if you are President Barack Obama or Gandhi, let’s talk!  (Oh wait… Gandhi’s no longer with us… and Obama already won the election…)