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Have you wondered why your tried and true historic methods of gaining new customers have been less and less fruitful in recent years?

Consider this: according to author David Shenk in his 1999 book, Data Smog: Surviving the Information Glut, the average American was exposed to 560 marketing messages per day… in 1971.

By the 1990s, that estimate had reached 3,000 per day.

With the explosion of the number of channels on cable and satellite TV, the number of display ads being served on websites, the advent of Google, YouTube, FaceBook and other new media outlets, the number of marketing messages your customers are being exposed to every single day has exponentially increased!

Understanding what this means and how it affects your efforts to drive new prospects into your business can absolutely make or break your business in today’s world.

Getting results in the 21st Century is a different ball game. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that we’re bringing our revolutionary training to Sarasota, FL on September 27th. Until now, this training has only been available through our 12-week online program. We’ve condensed it down to a half-day event, and it’s sure to change the results of local business people.

Find out more about this event at Results Now Marketing.  Hopefully, we’ll get to meet you there!