Can You Achieve the Holy Grail of Facebook Ads?

The 1-Cent Click: the Holy Grail of Facebook Ads?

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Facebook drives advertisements based on proven social engagement. But it can be a bit of a chicken-and-egg challenge to get engagement before running the ad, or without having a large following from the start. But Grow the Dream Show co-host Josh Muccio employed a nifty little hack that jump-started his ad campaign with a bunch of engagement — before he really launched …

Unicorns Keep Crap Off the Wall: Larry Kim on the Grow The Dream Show

Unicorns Keep Crap Off the Wall

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Every digital marketer, political consultant, entrepreneur and would-be influencer on the planet is after the Holy Grail of social media. No, not what makes a post viral. What works. What really, really works. Larry Kim, the Grand Poobah of targeted digital advertising, knows what works and how anyone can figure out how to maximize even modest marketing budgets and keep …