Content Marketing: How It's Done... How It's Not Done

Content Marketing: How It’s Done…How It’s Not Done

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How It’s Done We love the entrepreneur and small business owner. But today we at the Grow the Dream Show have examples of a little guy getting it wrong and a big corporation getting it really right. First, an example of Pure Killer Content by a major corporation. SC Johnson’s Ziploc Division created a Facebook post that, reasonably enough, is …

Apple (and other) Ad Blockers Can Be Bypassed

Apple (and all other) Ad Blockers Can Be Bypassed

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The brouhaha over Apple extending the battle against an overwhelming wave of annoying digital ads points back to something that never seems to change — regardless of how much technology changes. Content is King. Sure, old news is no news. But when some say the sky is falling, it’s not bad to point out that Henny Penny was wrong. Chicken Little …

Startling Revelations from INBOUND15

Startling Revelations From #INBOUND15

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Now that some of the fatigue has worn off from last week’s INBOUND Conference in Boston and I’ve had a little time to process everything, some of the most important realizations from the event are bubbling to the top. And what’s surprising me most of all is that the things I took away from the event are both nothing new and nothing short …

3 Simple Cs of Content Creation for Your Blog

The 3 Simple C’s of Content Creation for Your Blog

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When approaching the task of “content creation” for your business, it is important to keep a few things in mind. In fact, there’s one fundamental principle to keep at the forefront when approaching any creative endeavor for that matter. Henry Ford sums it up nicely: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” Conquering Can’t Do you believe you …

Marketing Podcast for Small Businesses

Why Most Marketing Podcasts Aren’t for You

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In most of the businesses we work with, a “Marketing Department” is simply nonexistent. When there’s a person (or persons) whose “job” is marketing, the reality is that they wear multiple hats. Think about your business for a moment: who is responsible for marketing? If your answer is: no one, everyone, Sally, but she’s too busy, or some form of “We …

Ways to Finish The Year Strong in Your Business

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As 2014 winds up, how can you be sure you’re doing what you can with your marketing to make sure you finish the year strong and set yourself up for great success in 2014? Here are 3 practical ways to keep your content marketing working for you! Make sure you subscribe on YouTube or here (via email) to get the …

Is Your SEO Actually Hurting You?

How Your SEO Might Actually Be Hurting You

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The topic of how bad SEO can be for your business’s website is so broad, we could probably start a regular recurring feature here about it. Come to think of it, we’ve written about businesses being Suckered by an SEO Company, why SEO should be a much lower priority than a Marketing Strategy for Your Business, and How SEO Hasn’t Changed …

How the World Searched: Google’s 2010 Zeitgeist

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Google knows what’s on your mind. This year’s Zeitgeist from Google proves it. In just under 3 minutes, the search giant manages to hit the major highlights for the entire year in a very visually-compelling way. Obviously, all the big stories are here: Haiti, the Gulf Oil Spill, even the current Wikileaks story makes an appearance. But the entertaining stories …

3 Small Business Marketing Ideas for the Summer

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Ah summertime… the dog days of summer… sweating under the sun with the smell of coconut and salt water wafting by…

Wait a minute!

If you’re in business, then those may not be relaxing thoughts at all! It’s time to do something about growing your business!

Unless you’re in a tourist industry (in which case you need marketing ideas fast) or other seasonal business, summertime may be a slower time of year. Customers, clients and prospects are more inclined to be on vacation, and that can make it harder to get results with your marketing.

So how can you use the slower season to your advantage? Here are several ways you can use right away!

Should You Use YouTube to Market Your Business?

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One of the questions I am frequently asked by people exploring their online marketing options is: Should I be using YouTube as a marketing tool? The answer is 100% “Yes!” In fact, we recently trained the members of our Strategic Marketing Program on this very topic: Not yet receiving valuable training on marketing your business in the 21st Century? Here’s …