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Podcast Guest Guidelines

Thank you for honoring us with your appearance on the Grow The Dream Show, the podcast for exponentially growing your business.

We’re thrilled that you’ll be joining us!

Our Audience

The podcast is in its early stages, having only been launched in January, 2015. We exist to serve the needs of business owners and their teams. These businesses are typically in the $2M-$20M range, although our show reaches solopreneurs and smaller business owners as well.

The one thing these businesses have in common is that they are navigating the world of marketing in the 21st Century without dedicated marketing staff. Even if a person is “the marketing person,” they usually wear lots of hats. Consequently, they suffer from the inability to keep up with changing tactics. Often the language of marketing articles (and even other marketing & PR podcasts) is overwhelming because of the use of industry jargon.

Our Goal

Our goal with each episode is to deliver as much useful understanding and practical application for this audience as we can possible jam into a ~45 minute weekly show. We often take time to explain concepts that might be familiar to career marketers, but might be newer to these owners.

About the Hosts

The show is hosted by David G. Johnson, founder of Grow The Dream, Rod Thomson of The Thomson Group, and Josh Muccio. We have a combined 60+ years of journalism, marketing strategy, direct response marketing, entrepreneurship, SEO, online conversion optimization, and PR between us. Additionally, each of us is an entrepreneur and business owner. Each of us is currently serving clients who are small business owners (and their teams) that match the demographic of the audience for The Growth Show.

Please review the guidelines below. Our gratitude goes to Jay Baer of Convince & Convert, for laying out a phenomenal plan of attack for preparing these guidelines for podcast guests in this blog post / slide deck.

Technical Requirements

  • Guests should dial in via Skype at the scheduled recording time. Host David G. Johnson will accept your contact request at: dgjohnson. Please use a USB headset or microphone for best audio quality. We use audio-only Skype calls to conserve bandwidth.

Other Requirements

  • If at all possible, please dial in from a quiet location — preferably an office or room where you will not be interrupted, nor have significant background noise.
  • Given our 3-host format, we often have a lively conversation. We will certainly endeavor to ask questions of you related to your expertise; however, don’t be surprised if we throw you curve balls. Also, don’t be shy about interrupting (with 3 hosts, we’ve learned how to interrupt and be interrupted!)
  • Although we aim at delivering high-value content for our audience, we’re also building community. Thus, we take an informal, relaxed approach. Please enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to tell humorous stories. We do, however, have a “family-friendly” content strategy, so we prefer to keep stories and content PG-rated. Thanks for your help with this!

Episode Timeline

  • Opening (2 minutes): Co-hosts do “Brew of the Day” (coffee) and introduce guest
  • Guest Interview (30-35 minutes): Usually we’ll pick a “point person” who perhaps has greater familiarity with the guest to take the lead. That said, all 3 of us tend to jump in. To help you “get to know” us & the perspectives we typically come from:
    • David is our resident marketing strategist with 17 years of consulting, training & speaking under his belt.
    • Rod is our 30-year veteran journalist who changed sides and now helps businesses with messaging and PR.
    • Josh is our young tech whiz (“the kid”) who built (and subsequently sold!) his first business almost entirely by ranking well on search terms like “iPad screen repair” in Google.
  • Tool of the Week (5 minutes): One or more of us will throw out a tool (usually online, but could be anything) to help businesses grow. We’ll discuss briefly.
  • 3-minute Growth School (3 minutes): We’ll do a super quick “lightning round” of training on some topic. A recent example: “Writing better headlines” – for ads, email subject lines, sales copy, etc.

After Recording

All episodes are produced into their final forms and published within 1 week. Once published, each episode is distributed via our RSS feed to our subscribers who listen via iTunes, Stitcher, and any number of other “podcatcher” clients. Each episode is archived on with a permanent URL, and is also distributed to our growing list of email subscribers.

We’ll email you a graphic which you are welcome to share via your social channels, place on your website, etc.

If you have any questions at all, please email us and we’ll help you with anything you might need.