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David G. Johnson, Founder of Epiphany Marketing LLCOnce in a while, we have to make room for the wacky humor of ye olde Epiphany crewe to get out in the open. Today’s post is a guest blog from one of the team we usually keep hidden away from the general public. Enjoy! – David

Today is considered a holiday by some and a distant memory of politically incorrect history by others. Whichever camp you’re in, everyone loves a reason to celebrate and add an extra fun spin on a regular old Monday.  I’ve searched for some suggestions on how to celebrate Columbus Day and here are a few of my favorites – with my added thoughts:

1. Read Stephen Vincent Benet’s poem, “Christopher Columbus.” Sure – poetry is always nice.

2. Go to your town’s Columbus Day parade. Our town doesn’t have one – but someone has to start these things – Hmmm.

3. Go sailing & sing sea chanteys “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale – a tale of a fateful trip…” Wait, that’s not the right one – Or, is it?

4. Dress up as Columbus or sea voyagers of that time period. This could be interesting.

5. Watch the 1992 movie 1492: Conquest of Paradise. Might be fun – bring the chocolate and tobacco or whatever you find lying around.

6. Take a virtual tour of “1492: An Ongoing Voyage,” an online exhibit of the Library of Congress. Could be engaging and informative.

7. Prepare a dinner based on standard seamen’s fare of the 15th century, such as salted fish, beef and pork; olive oil; molasses; cheese; honey; raisins; rice; garlic; almonds and dried legumes. Does pulled pork, mac & cheese & garlic bread at Sonny’s count? If so, I’m in!

8. Stage a skit based on the famous voyage. You’re the native.

9. Play a Columbus Day party game. Perhaps a new version of Duck, Duck, Goose – “Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria…Run!”

10. Come up with a really wild idea and try to get powerful people to fund it with promises of rich rewards. Huh, I think we have a winner! Any entrepreneurs out there?

Seriously, you could join the debates on why Christopher Columbus should be wiped out of history and his descendants should apologize and make restitution to… well, nobody really knows. Or, you could reflect on how history was changed because one person had the audacity to suggest ridiculous ideas that went against the accepted beliefs of the time. You could remember that great discoveries are never made while sitting on a couch (with the exception of the remote control, of course) and decide to set out on an adventure of your own. Or maybe, you could determine to make history yourself and change the world through your ideas, actions, finances, talents, areas of influence, etc. Just think about that for a moment.

Happy Columbus Day!