Episode 62: How to Get News Coverage by Hacking Your Way into the Press

#62 How to Get News Coverage by Hacking Your Way into the Press

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Everyone should be working to get media coverage as part of their marketing plan. It’s old school but it’s effective. Sujan Patel, a social media and digital guru, uses traditional media outlets extensively in pursuit of branding and a higher profile for himself. He insists that it should be part of everyone’s marketing, and we agree.

We also unpack RankBrain on today’s show, trying desparately to explain how Google’s now third most important signal will be impacting your marketing as it relates to search


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Show Notes

  • Sujan Patel provides a guide to hacking your way into the press on the Narrow.io blog. We dissect some of the highlights and Rod provides expertise and
  • David put some of Rod’s advice to work and got some coverage for one of Grow The Dream’s clients.
  • Get our new, free “How To” guide to getting media coverage at http://gtdshow.com/pr
  • RankBrain is coming! According to this article from Larry Kim, it’s now the 3rd most important signal (when it is in use) Google uses to calculate rankings. There are also 4 key strategies you can use to get ready for when RankBrain is used in more search queries and—even more importantly—becomes a more important ranking signal.


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