Episode 46: What the Heck is Influencer Marketing? ...and Should You Be Doing It?

#46 What the Heck is Influencer Marketing? And Should You Be Doing It?

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Influencer marketing is rapidly growing as another way to get a form of “earned media” for your product or service. And Kristen Matthews, one of the leaders in the emerging methodology, knows how it’s done. As Marketing Director at GroupHigh in Colorado, she is at the forefront of both doing and training how to reach out to, connect with and work with influencers in your industry — as often as not bloggers. This adds an entirely new level to your marketing opportunities and may be just what you need to reach your most targeted customers.

Kristen Matthews, Director of Marketing at Group High

About Kristen Matthews

Kristen Matthews is an expert on Influencer Marketing who serves as the Marketing Director for Group High, an influencer outreach platform. She’s a frequent contributor to the Convince & Convert blog, the creator of the Outreach Marketing Summit, and works regularly with brands as well as influencers and bloggers to produce creative ways to get messages out about brands. When not creating content, Kristen can often be found outdoors… exploring the Rocky Mountains or otherwise adventuring in the outdoors.

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  1. Yes, as a Content Creator/Blogger we have to disclose our partnership with the brand and my readers are always informed of such. Paid posts are the best way to get more traffic and eye balls onto your product.

    BTW – I am over 50 and blog about 55+ communities!

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