Episode 38: Building Your Audience With Slideshare, KillerContent, & Self-Lacing Shoes

#38 Building Your Audience With Slideshare, Killer Content, & Self-Lacing Shoes

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On today’s show we highlight Mitchell Harper, BigCommerce co-founder and CEO at Capital H Labs, who got 50,851 views on Slideshare & 706 email subscribers for $350 and a fair bit of labor. Very effective strategy… and one you can probably duplicate! We also talk about Larry Kim and Udacity’s killer content and Michael J. Fox’s self-lacing, the-future-is-now shoes.

Show Notes

  • Stay on top of upcoming social media “days” with the National Day Calendar (or Forekast, if you’re into a geekier, crowdsourced version with an email update every Monday)
  • Josh shared the technique that Mitchell Harper used to get 50,851 views & 706 opt-ins using Slideshare for his pre-product launch. He created a closed beta with a finely targeted audience, and used a nice Twitter hack to get Slideshare to promote his content.
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