Episode 37: Social Proof, Instagram Ads, G-strings, Scrapers & More!

#37: Social Proof, Instagram Ads, G-strings, Scrapers & More!

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This week’s show is off the cuff! We talk about a very clever Facebook social proof hack that can ramp up your targeted advertising value — maybe to one-cent click-throughs. And there is a super-easy web site, basically one-click using your LinkedIn site, Facebook emoticons to get beyond just the “like” button, a brief conversation about interviewing Ronald Reagan and, yes, G-strings…

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  1. Great episode fellas!

    Josh, at first I was skeptical when you were explaining your idea of targeting ads to the cheapest CPC/CPM countries for FB ads. Although I was super impressed by the end of your explanation on building social proof for your post and/or ad. I immediately tried this with one of my clients by taking a highly-engaged unpublished post and publishing it to the page with all the existing likes, comments and shares. Excited to see the results!

    The only thing I’d be worried about is when you publish it to your home page or change the targeting to the US, people will see lots of foreign names in the likes and comments and that might turn them off a little bit. Social proof only works when it’s people similar to themselves that are taking part in the conversation.

    I do want to mention a rumor one of my managers once told me – Clicks (for Google Ads) from some countries might be fraudulent. Companies will hire people in those countries just to click on their competitors ads so that they get charged. It could possibly be the same for Facebook based off of my experience with other clients. Especially in Philippines, India and Kenya I have experienced an unusual amount of clicks (that didn’t lead to conversions) on Facebook. But for this objective, I don’t think this is an issue. Food for thought.

    I spoke with Facebook and they advised that once you change the targeting on an ad, it goes back through the whole process of deciding how relevant your ad is. The relevancy is what determines your reach. So if you have an ad that’s absolutely killing it in other countries, and you change the geographic targeting to the States, it will essentially be treated as a brand new ad regardless of the amount of previous engagement you received on it. Again, not too relevant to this hack but still food for thought.

    As far as why Spain and Ireland for the Reactions… “Facebook stats show that Spanish and Irish users tend not to have as many friends from other countries as others, so they make better “closed groups” to test new features on” http://www.thatsnonsense.com/facebook-reveals-reactions-in-response-to-dislike-button-demand/

    Thanks for another great episode guys!

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