Episode 27: These Top Marketing Trends For 2015 Surprised Us

#27 These Top Marketing Trends For 2015 Surprised Us

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What are the hottest marketing trends right now? No surprise that content marketing tops the heap, according to a SmartInsights.com poll. But some of the others are eye-opening. Number two? Big Data. What is Big Data? Well, we educate ourselves and you on what it is and how it is becoming increasingly relevant to marketing business — and not just big businesses anymore. We also have an ongoing dispute over two famous John Williams themes.

Stuff We Mentioned

  • Josh’s Twitter Tool: Narrow
  • David’s “insights for your Twitter account” tool: ThinkUp
  • Find your Twitter “unfollowers” with CrowdFire (formerly JustUnfollow)… and do lots of other interesting things
  • Another tool (Josh uses this one) for finding people who aren’t following back: Toolset.co
  • The History Channel show that David & his Twitter account love to watch: Alone (Tweets: #AloneShow)
  • Brand the links you tweet and promote your own content simultaneously: Start A Fire
  • Nice receipts & automated follow-up for e-commerce: Receiptful (works with Shopify & WooCommerce)
  • Big Data & Predictive Analytics made available to small business: What homes are about to go on the market? Offrs.com
  • Targeting a single person with Facebook ads: The Ultimate Retaliation: Pranking My Roommate with Facebook Ads

The Big Chart We Discussed:


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