Episode 69: Google Reveals Store Visit Conversions & Chewbacca Mom Makes Us Happy!

#69 Google Reveals Store Visit Conversions & Chewbacca Mom Makes Us Happy!

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Google revealed last week that AdWords can now track conversion to brick-and-mortar stores from an original online search.The implications could be a tidal wave for digital marketers. Google uses location history to see if, after clicking on an ad, you then walked into that store. Of course, Google does this using the phone’s GPS data. So we can now make ad comparisons to see which ads and types of ads and keywords will actually drive potential customers into a store. And we laugh with Chewbacca Mom, like the rest of the world, and cover news and Tools of the Week!

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Episode 64: Brad Gosse - The Formula for Virality

#64 Brad Gosse: The Formula for Virality

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Going viral is the holy grail for content marketing. If it really hits, social media does the rest. (Just make sure you’re prepared to handle the response!) Everyone is shooting for virality, at least in the back of the mind. Today, we introduce Brad Gosse, creator of Brushy Bear, the viral video sensation whose Facebook videos are approaching one million views in just four months. Gosse is also the creator of Vector Toons—a great story in and of itself—and shares fantastic insights from his long history of internet marketing wins. It’s a show you won’t want to miss!