Episode 72: Dr. Steve Steff on Creating a High Performance Culture

#72 Steve Steff on Creating a High Performance Culture

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Often we are not aware that our business even has a culture—especially within smaller companies and organizations. But the behaviors we engage in and reward from day-to-day actually do create a culture.

Dr. Steff explores some of the ways that we can intentionally transform culture, including practical examples from some of the most important areas of our businesses (such as the hiring process). Along the way, he also shares powerful insights about the nature of leadership, the art of cultivating leadership skills, and other practical takeaways that you can put to use in your business right away.

Plus… news, tools of the week, and more! Full show notes & links at https://growthedream.com/shows/072

Episode 71: Jonah Berger - Invisible Influence

#71 Jonah Berger – Invisible Influence

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Today we’re thrilled to have back with us Dr. Jonah Berger, bestselling author and marketing professor at Wharton, talking about his brand new book, Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior. Based upon over 15 years of research, this new book explores how the individual, personal choices we make are often driven by others — and we’re completely unaware of it. With far-reaching application in business (and not just in marketing & sales, but in how you conduct meetings!), this interview will be one you’ll want to listen to more than once!

Details, links, and show notes available at https://growthedream.com/shows/071

Episode 18: The Secrets to Sustainable Growth: Joey Brannon

#18 The Secrets to Sustainable Growth

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Growing your business rapidly can create a whole set of new problems you may not have imagined before! What are the biggest secrets to turning that growth into long-term success? Our special guest today, Joey Brannon of Axiom Strategic Consulting, talks about the entrepreneurial illness known as Shiny Object Syndrome and explains why saying “No” may be the most important, …