Episode 75: Absofreakinglutely

#75 Absofreakinglutely

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In this week’s episode:

In-store conversions come to Facebook Ads, which add a whole new dimension to your ability to track ad performance if you have a retail location.

We also talk about some updates and tricks for Snapchat. Today’s main story, however, is about why many businesses fail to get good media coverage for their businesses. We dissect a great Medium post originally written for startups, and glean insights you can use to be more effective in your efforts to communicate with the press. We also discuss the grammatical structure known as the “in-fix,” the pros and cons of getting a college education, and… time-sucks. This is painful, but all of us have time-sucks in our life. So a time management tool can be very effective in identifying where your time is going. And a little depressing, maybe.

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Episode 71: Jonah Berger - Invisible Influence

#71 Jonah Berger – Invisible Influence

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Today we’re thrilled to have back with us Dr. Jonah Berger, bestselling author and marketing professor at Wharton, talking about his brand new book, Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior. Based upon over 15 years of research, this new book explores how the individual, personal choices we make are often driven by others — and we’re completely unaware of it. With far-reaching application in business (and not just in marketing & sales, but in how you conduct meetings!), this interview will be one you’ll want to listen to more than once!

Details, links, and show notes available at https://growthedream.com/shows/071

Episode 67: How to Work with Micro Influencers for a Big Impact

#67 How to Work with Micro Influencers for a Big Impact

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Influencer marketing is a growing thing for the basic reason that it works and it is affordable. Sara Ware at Markerly wrote a blog using data to show the dollar return on micro influencer marketing where specific audiences are targeted. The smaller the influencer, the higher the rate of percentage. Ware then gives the example of how Dixie products created a …

Episode 66: The Death of Content Marketing? Viagra on Periscope?

#66 The Death of Content Marketing? Viagra on Periscope?

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The volume of internet content is reaching staggering heights, and most of it is now being consumed on mobile devices — specifically smartphones. Brands have resorted to creating sticky, junk-food-style content in order to garner eyeballs and revenue. But there is a better way for brands trying to cut through the noise in this new era: finding & engaging with subcultures. We talk about what that means, along with this week’s news and we tackle the question, “Do you need a mobile app for your business?”

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Episode 64: Brad Gosse - The Formula for Virality

#64 Brad Gosse: The Formula for Virality

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Going viral is the holy grail for content marketing. If it really hits, social media does the rest. (Just make sure you’re prepared to handle the response!) Everyone is shooting for virality, at least in the back of the mind. Today, we introduce Brad Gosse, creator of Brushy Bear, the viral video sensation whose Facebook videos are approaching one million views in just four months. Gosse is also the creator of Vector Toons—a great story in and of itself—and shares fantastic insights from his long history of internet marketing wins. It’s a show you won’t want to miss!

Episode 60: Howard Partridge - Out with the PowerPoint, In with the Food

#60 Howard Partridge – Out With the PowerPoint, In With the Food

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One of the most successful small business coaches in the country, Howard Partridge, explains how to grow your business without being a slave to the 24/7 burnout that so many business owners endure.

It’s all about relationships. He’s used the non-digital affiliate marketing concept to create personal relationships with referrals. An eloquent hack he employed was to find out what the person likes — donuts, espresso beans, etc. — and then send them a food package and ask for five minutes of their time to see how they might help each other. But wait till you hear the one question he asks himself every day that recently led to a 1000% increase in profits in the first 2 months of 2016!