Episode 60: Howard Partridge - Out with the PowerPoint, In with the Food

#60 Howard Partridge – Out With the PowerPoint, In With the Food

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One of the most successful small business coaches in the country, Howard Partridge, explains how to grow your business without being a slave to the 24/7 burnout that so many business owners endure.

It’s all about relationships. He’s used the non-digital affiliate marketing concept to create personal relationships with referrals. An eloquent hack he employed was to find out what the person likes — donuts, espresso beans, etc. — and then send them a food package and ask for five minutes of their time to see how they might help each other. But wait till you hear the one question he asks himself every day that recently led to a 1000% increase in profits in the first 2 months of 2016!

Episode 56: Using Email to Grow Your Business

#56 How to Use Email to Grow Your Business ft. Tom Tate from Aweber

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What comes to mind when you think of email lead generation? “Boring?” “Old news?” As part of a holistic approach that includes social media, blogging and video to generate leads, email may be even more relevant than ever. Tom Tate, host of the “Ask Me About Email Marketing” podcast from industry pioneer Aweber talks with us about how email has evolved along with the times, covers all the essential concepts so you can make sure you’re covering the important bases where email marketing is concerned, and even gives us a sneak peek at some of their newest upcoming features: tagging contacts and click-based triggers.