Episode 74: Facebook Friendzones Pages

#74 Facebook Friendzones Pages

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Facebook has announced some coming changes that will drastically affect the visibility of posts from Pages of all kinds. The fact that they bothered to announce this in advance is in itself worthy of note. We discuss the implications of the announcement, and look at ways to ensure your content still gets distributed to Facebook users. We also look at a fantastic content marketing campaign being steadily implemented old-school-style by a Chiropractor — his approach puts some great ones to shame! You’ll be certain to pick up a thing or two you can use,

In the news, we have a surprising tidbit about Brexit, a scary court ruling about the FBI and your computer, plus a great tool of the day!

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Episode 73: On-Page SEO Strategies & the Government-Regulated Internet

#73 On-Page SEO Strategies & the Government-Regulated Internet

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A federal Appeals Court ruled 2-1 that the Federal Communications Commission can regulate the internet like it does your local utility. The idea is to keep quasi-monopoly internet companies from offering different speeds to different providers based on their willingness to pay for it. Basic capitalism, in one sense, but giving the “big guys” an advantage over the “little guys,” in another sense. The big risk is that this opens up the internet to more and more intrusion on any number of issues by government regulators. Bottom line: Looks good on this ruling, but much risk down the road.

We also discuss the results of a data study by ahrefs.com suggesting at least a very high correlative relationship between backlinks and referring domains and SEO results. In fact, those relationships are in the neighborhood of five times higher than domain names and titles. This is connected to the concept of latent semantic keywords. Bottom line: Write good content for human beings.

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Episode 71: Jonah Berger - Invisible Influence

#71 Jonah Berger – Invisible Influence

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Today we’re thrilled to have back with us Dr. Jonah Berger, bestselling author and marketing professor at Wharton, talking about his brand new book, Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces That Shape Behavior. Based upon over 15 years of research, this new book explores how the individual, personal choices we make are often driven by others — and we’re completely unaware of it. With far-reaching application in business (and not just in marketing & sales, but in how you conduct meetings!), this interview will be one you’ll want to listen to more than once!

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Episode 70: Can of Worms - The Most De-railed Episode Ever

#70: Can of Worms: The Most De-Railed Episode Ever!

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Well, we’ve never done this before. Seriously. Spent almost the entire episode discussing the interactions of generations and the implications of the big social media companies submitting to European Union rules on “hate speech” and committing to take down such speech within 24 hours. Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google all agreed to censor speech involving: “public incitement to violence or hatred directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin.”

Can. Of. Worms.

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Episode 66: The Death of Content Marketing? Viagra on Periscope?

#66 The Death of Content Marketing? Viagra on Periscope?

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The volume of internet content is reaching staggering heights, and most of it is now being consumed on mobile devices — specifically smartphones. Brands have resorted to creating sticky, junk-food-style content in order to garner eyeballs and revenue. But there is a better way for brands trying to cut through the noise in this new era: finding & engaging with subcultures. We talk about what that means, along with this week’s news and we tackle the question, “Do you need a mobile app for your business?”

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Episode 65: 6 Myths of Facebook Ads... or Are They?

#65 — 6 Myths of Facebook… or Are They?

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SketchDeck researched, in side-by-side comparisons, 6 myths about Facebook ads and it turned into a great example of content marketing for the startup company. They did everything right to attract the target audience they wanted and the post went viral. But what about the actual content of the post? Well we have several questions about the methodology of the post and how useful it is for Facebook advertisers. But whether it is great methodology, it raises some good issues for anyone advertising on Facebook, such as: Do relevant images and text over images make for better ads? Interesting results! Plus… news & a really useful Tool of the Week!

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Episode 63: Is the Face of Facebook Changing?

#63 Is the Face of Facebook Changing?

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Facebook users are changing in a way that Facebook is facilitating — but most certainly does not want. We discuss the massive reduction in sharing original content on Facebook and how it affects you and the way you approach content for the platfom. Particularly videos. Also: this week’s news, plus new ways to interact with your prospects & customers in our “Tools of the Week” segment!

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Episode 61: Long Content vs. Great Content

#61 Long Content vs. Great Content

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Which is better: long content? Or great content? Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz.com, raised this important question in a recent tweetstorm. We discuss different sides to this question and how it may affect you! Plus: the “Tool of the Week” segment is back, and we look at a tool you can use to turn 1 web visitor into 3! It’s a great show!

Episode 60: Howard Partridge - Out with the PowerPoint, In with the Food

#60 Howard Partridge – Out With the PowerPoint, In With the Food

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One of the most successful small business coaches in the country, Howard Partridge, explains how to grow your business without being a slave to the 24/7 burnout that so many business owners endure.

It’s all about relationships. He’s used the non-digital affiliate marketing concept to create personal relationships with referrals. An eloquent hack he employed was to find out what the person likes — donuts, espresso beans, etc. — and then send them a food package and ask for five minutes of their time to see how they might help each other. But wait till you hear the one question he asks himself every day that recently led to a 1000% increase in profits in the first 2 months of 2016!